Setting 'Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP' via AXL

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    Created by: Dan Meyers on 02-07-2013 11:51:10 AM
    I've written a web frontend for our site with a simple 'insert username here' interface that pulls a user's details from AD, finds an unused DDI extension that routes to our site, and creates both a device profile for extension mobility and a 'Cisco Client Services Framework' Phone object for Jabber desktop use, as well and setting up the associations to the end users and such. The Client Services Framework 'phones' are the only devices we configure to use SIP rather than SCCP. Thie idea is this means we can push setup for new users down to our first line service desk without expecting them to understand all the complexities of CUCM.

    We want our end users to be able to share desktops using Jabber. For this to work, the tick box on the CUCM Phone object labelled 'Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP' must be checked. This is under 'Protocol Specific Information'. According to the AXL API documentation this is present (although it doesn't show when I call getPhone via SOAP on one of my CSF objects. Instead I see rfc2833Disabled, which is not valid for this object and doesn't show via the web UI). However if I try to set this variable using either createPhone or updatePhone, the setting is not reflected when I view/refresh the object on the web UI. The phone definition is here: and the specific variable definition is here: That does say 'This field is applicable only for Third-party AS-SIP Endpoint.' but as it's on the web UI and is required I assume a CSF counts as a third party AS-SIP endpoint.

    I have tried changing the first character in the XML to lower case, as this is the only AXL definition I have seen with an upper case first character. It still doesn't work. It'd also be good if I could get the current value via a getPhone SOAP call, and I don't seem to be able to do that either. Has anyone had experience of setting or getting this field via AXL?

    Subject: RE: Setting 'Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP' via AXL
    Replied by: Dan Meyers on 03-07-2013 03:22:28 AM
    OK, i've answered my own question. I was looking at version 9 of the docs (the latest). We're still running 8.6(1), and the key doesn't exist in that...