Dial Uri and CiscoIPPhoneDirectory on 69xx family

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    Created by: Stefania Oliviero on 01-07-2013 07:55:31 AM
    I developed a cilck2call service, that push a Dial URI or a CiscoIPPhoneDirectory  XML object to the Ipphone (based on the user preferences), when user wants to start a new call.
    My service works well, on all IPPhones 79xx.
    On 6921 and 6941 models, a customer of mine reports me 2 bugs:
    - with Dial URI, phone limits the digits sent to the phone up to 5 digits: he can reach only internal number. With other ipphones (79XX) no problems.
    -with CiscoIPPhoneDirectory , when object has pushed on the phone and the user try to pick up the handset, call doen't start like on other models (79xx).

    I tried to reproduce the bug, but in my test environment I have no problems with these models (69XX).

    So What can I investigate ?
    It could be a firmware difference problem ?
    CUCM version is 8.6 in both environment.

    Thanks for any help.

    Subject: RE: Dial Uri and CiscoIPPhoneDirectory on 69xx family
    Replied by: Stefania Oliviero on 01-07-2013 11:16:17 AM
    I resolved first problem (dial URI limit digits), I found a bug on the Cisco Software Bug toolkit and I fixed it with the SCCP firmware version on the phone.

    For the second (CiscoIPPhoneDirectory) I've found another bug fix:
    But is only for SIP version and CUCM 9.0,so installing SCCP firmware hasn't resolved the second bug.