How to find the available bandwidth of an interface

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Created by: soumiyajit chowdhury on 06-06-2013 04:46:03 AM
    I want to know the available bandwidth of an interface at runtime, so that I can route through the path which has the maximum available bandwidth. But I do not find ny api relevant to that.

I have explored the interface statistics service set and I see that the tx_load is giving the value in a fraction of 255 i,e 255/255 means the  interface is saturated. That does not give me the value in standards, like mbps/kbps.

Thanks in Advance,
Soumiyajit & Saibal

Subject: RE: How to find the available bandwidth of an interface
Replied by: Karen Cadora on 06-06-2013 05:20:18 PM

As you said, txload is effectively a percentage.  So 25/255 is approximately 10%.  If you multiple that by the transmit bandwidth of the interface, then you'll get the utilization in kbps.  Whatever is leftover is the available bandwidth.

Hope that helps.