custom auto-attendant script

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    Created by: Alexandr Kryuchkov on 20-06-2013 09:15:19 AM
    I need a script that works like this:

     Caller dials auto attendant pilot number and hears greeting of that sort:
    “Welcome to X Corp., please dial the extension or wait for operator”
    <wait timer starts>
    If caller dials extension, call goes to that extension,
    if not then wait for timer to expire
    <wait timer expires>
    < operator hunt group dials – caller hears ringback>
    My IOS version is 15.0(1r)M15,  so there are 2 build-in IOS tcl scripts: auto-attendant and queue.
    I think for my purpose I should use "its-CISCO.” from
    But what should I do with build-in scripts?
    And what params and paramspaces I should write in IOS CLI?

    Subject: RE: custom auto-attendant script
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 20-06-2013 11:36:09 AM
    use "its-CISCO.” forget about buidin

    IOS config is like the following

    service my_aa (any name you like) flash:its-CISCO.
      param aa-pilot xxxx
      paramspace english index 0
      paramspace english language en
      paramspace english location flash:
      param operator 4100
      param max-extension-length <length of extension>
      paramspace english prefix en

    Subject: RE: custom auto-attendant script
    Replied by: Alexandr Kryuchkov on 21-06-2013 04:36:24 AM
    Thanks a lot, you really help me !!!!!!
    Now everything works as I wished it to.
    Many thanks!