QosPolicy unable to configure the class default.

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Created by: soumiyajit chowdhury on 29-05-2013 08:02:01 AM
Today we were trying to write an app on Qos to add rules in the class-default but we do not see api’s for the same. We could add the rules for the class-map. The IOL is unable to configure the forward traffic apart from class default. Our intent is to apply the action shape to the class default.   So is there a way to update the class-default or is this a known problem for IOL?

Subject: RE: QosPolicy unable to configure the class default.
Replied by: Nathan Sowatskey on 31-05-2013 06:48:02 AM
You are basically missing:
classMap.addFilter(new FilterAcl(accessControlList));
You need to do something like:
ClassMap classMap = tutorial.createClassMap();
L3Acl accessControlList = new L3Acl(tutorial.getNetworkElement(), OnepAddressFamilyType.ONEP_AF_INET);
L3Ace accessControlElement = tutorial.createAccessControlElement();
classMap.addFilter(new FilterAcl(accessControlList));
qosPolicy.addClass(classMap, SEQUENCE_NUMBER);
qosPolicy.addAction(classMap, tutorial.createActionShape());
qosPolicy.addAction(classMap, tutorial.createActionClassQueue());
You should use this command for debugging:
show class-map __ONEP_3059_0