Interval Grouping in CUIC v9.1.1 (UCCE)

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Created by: Troy Dawson on 14-06-2013 03:01:31 PM
Has anyone implemented the roll-up grouping option in CUIC v9.x, where report views can be set to roll-up by Daily, Weekly and Monthly groupings? I know that it is accessed in the Edit View screen via the Grouping button - my question is HOW is that option made available? I have seen it on some of my stock reports, but have not been able to reverse-engineer it so I can add to custom reports. The documentation is lacking, or I am unable to find the correct document that outlines how to use this feature.

Subject: RE: Interval Grouping in CUIC v9.1.1 (UCCE)
Replied by: Luis Yrigoyen on 21-06-2013 06:55:03 AM
in one of your groups (in groupings), once you select the DateTime field or the Interval field (same renamed), the roll-up options will show up.
Then you need to select "Show only summary" on top.

Subject: RE: Interval Grouping in CUIC v9.1.1 (UCCE)
Replied by: Troy Dawson on 21-06-2013 08:57:59 AM
Thank you - I was not using a 'datetime' field as the grouping field, so the interval options were not appearing. I've got it now!