JTAPI Triggers

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    Created by: UC Support on 30-05-2013 03:49:15 PM
    While we can use the Create Application API, it appears that we cannot assign existing JTAPI Triggers or create new triggers. The outbound campaign side seems to require existing triggers, and we can create HTTP Triggers. But without the ability to create or assign triggers, the Create Application isn't very useful. Similarly, it seems we can retrieve application parameters - but not set them using the API - this seems to be an oversight (though obviously it could cause problems if it's not matched to the script parameters). Am I mis-reading the API documentation and samples, or are these features genuinely missing? Thanks!

    Subject: RE: JTAPI Triggers
    Replied by: Shantanu Nandi on 31-05-2013 12:47:46 AM
    The API set is being expanded and the Triggers, Call Control Groups (port groups), and several other files (script, prompt, document, grammar) related APIs will be part of the 10.0(1) release.
    The 9.0(2) release do not have these.