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    Created by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 25-05-2013 08:12:22 PM
    How to pass the user credentails (agent_ID and password) to a 3rd party gadget like CIM or Calabrio AQM portal? 
    I have agent use the same credentials for Calabrio and CIM, but hate to re-type it again manually once i login to Finesse. How to pass the credentials so i can login at the same time to all gadgets.

    Subject: RE: New Message from Senthil Kumar Natarajan in Finesse - General Questions
    Replied by: David Lender on 28-05-2013 12:00:35 PM

    The Finesse Agent Desktop does not support single sign on.  You can however pass to your gadgets the same credentials that Finesse desktop uses.

    Once the agent is logged in to the desktop and the gadgets are rendered, each gadget has access to the credentials that were used to login (agentid and password).

    You have access to the configuration object using   _config

    You would then obtain the authorization string from the _config object:

      authorization =   _config.authorization;

    Then use the finesse.js getCredentials() function to convert the authorization string into the agentid and password.

    _util = finesse.utilities.Utilities;
    Credentials = _util.getCredentials(authorization);
    agentID =;
    pwd = Credentials.password;