How can I show the digits collected by Get Digit String in the CAD

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    Created by: Daniel R. A. Sobrinho on 21-05-2013 03:49:58 PM
    Hi people, UCCX 8.5 I have tried to show for user agent the result of Get Digit String on Cisco Agent Desktop. It is basic get digit of RA (Register Agent). Does anybody knows which stpes I need?   Best regards, Daniel

    Subject: RE: How can I show the digits collected by Get Digit String in the CAD
    Replied by: Binny Mathew on 21-05-2013 11:07:07 PM
    If I got your requirement correct which is to pass a String variable [Output of a GetDigit String] to the CAD [Agent Desktop] it should be straight forward.   Make sure the String variable that you are assigning the output of the getDigitString is a Global variable [Declared in the variable declaration section] pass this variable to any one of the CV [Call variables] variables [ Attached a Screen shot of it].
    AS you can see strCLI,strDNIS are all string variables which i am passing to CAD.
    Hope I have answered to your context.