IPPS Custom Phone Directory - CUCM 8.0.3

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    Created by: Corey Bell on 16-05-2013 08:51:32 AM
    I have a need to publish a custom phone directory to a bunch of 7925 Wifi phones. The service should present the user with a number (~20) canned departments tht the user can scroll and select. once Selected it should render all phone numbers associated with that department and nothing more. We would like to use a custom field in Active Directory to associate the users to the departments. First attempts to repurpose posted sample code havent yielded any complete workable solution. However, I believe this could be handle by first listing the departments using the <enuItem> object and invoking the <URL> for the respective department returning the results to the phone. Of course, they should also be able to dial from the point. But first things first.
      Any guidence would be greatly appreciated.

    Subject: RE: IPPS Custom Phone Directory - CUCM 8.0.3
    Replied by: Miroslav Jasso on 17-05-2013 04:48:17 AM
    Hi Corey,
      our solution 2Ring Phone Services 6.3 can do that. If you are interested, please visit our web page http://www.2ring.com/en/unified-communications/ipps-ip-phone-services/Pages/default.aspx
    Mirek Jasso