Prepaid debitcard tcl

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    Created by: Paul Onwude on 15-05-2013 06:15:11 PM
    Hi All,

    I have been trying for sometime to implement the Cisco prepaid debitcard script but it is not working as described. Now i am convinced the i am missing some key components.

    Has anyone here got it working?

    I need advise on which radius server to use and also which billing application to use with it.



    Subject: RE: Prepaid debitcard tcl
    Replied by: Geevarghese Cheria on 16-05-2013 12:25:50 AM
    Hi Paul,

      A RADIUS server can be configured to collect accounting data during the accounting process for each call leg created on the Cisco voice gateway. An integration partner can use this information for postprocessing activities such as generating billing records and network analysis.

    Please refer the following urls on configuration.

    Thanks and Regards,