Error no resource when using TTS

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    Created by: Grant Bagdasarian on 25-04-2013 07:45:59 AM
    I've configured our Cisco VoiceXML Gateway to communicate with the Nuance Speech Server for TTS resources. 
    The property has been configured explicitly in the VoiceXML document, nowhere else, so only this application makes use of the TTS resource. 
    I'm noticing very strange behavior where the TTS functionality occasionally works, but most of the time I'm receiving an error noresource. See below. We are still using the evaluation version of Nuance Vocalizer for Network 5 and we have a demo license for 4 ports. 
    The machine I tested this on is a live machine, but I temporarily routed the traffic away to another machine. Once I started testing with 5 outbound calls, 4 of them successfully received TTS resources and the 5th naturally didn't get it since the license didn't allow this. And the Nuance Speech Server also returned 503 Service Unavailable for the 5th call.  All subsequent tests were successful. But as soon as I let the other traffic pass through this machine as well and try testing the TTS most of the time the TTS doesn't work. In this case I'm also not receiving a 503.
    We are running several VoiceXML applications and like 20 instances of a TCL application which polls for calls to place (outbound calls).  None of these applications are configured to use TTS and the global ivr tts-server configuration is not configured.
    Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
    We are using a Cisco 3925 with IOS Version 15.2(3)T and MRCPv2 (SIP) for TTS resources.
    Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: bargein=1 Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: timeout=0 Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: encoding_name=utf-8 Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: tts_server=sip:mresources@ Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: media_logging_id= Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: ssml=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><speak version="1.0" xml:lang="en-US">error</speak> Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: xml:lang=en-US Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_tts: name=ssml:\\text882.vxml.77694 Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//VXML:/vxml_vapp_tts: Exit Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//VXML:/vxml_default_event_prompt: Exit Apr 25 12:33:39.003: //-1//AFW_:EE180EB428000:/vapp_session_exit_event_name: Exit Event error.noresource

    Subject: RE: Error no resource when using TTS
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 25-04-2013 08:32:33 AM
    Hi Grant,
    i dont think there is an issue with VXML, could you please contact TAC they might help you.

    Subject: RE: Error no resource when using TTS
    Replied by: Anupam Jain on 25-04-2013 10:29:26 AM
    Hi Grant,

    With my experience, its always good to take a Wireshark packet trace on the Nuance machine. That will tell you how many requests are really reaching the Nuance machine (they may be more than you think - for whatever reason).
    Also, it might be good to poll the Nuance License Manager while this problem is happening to see how many licenses are indeed available.

    (I know you mentioned that 503 is not being received but still the above is worth checking I guess)

    Subject: RE: Error no resource when using TTS
    Replied by: Grant Bagdasarian on 26-04-2013 04:26:45 AM
    Yes, I've done a packet trace, but no SIP INVITE is sent (by Cisco) and received (by Nuance server) when the VoiceXML is trying to get TTS resources. 
    We currently don't have TAC support anymore, so that's not an option. 
    I haven't looked at the License Manager when the problem occurs, so I'll do that next.
    Is there a possibility the other VoiceXML and TCL applications are trying to get TTS resources eventhough the property is not configured explicitly in those scripts and not configured in the CLI? I would say no, because they wouldn't know it exists.

    Subject: RE: Error no resource when using TTS
    Replied by: Anupam Jain on 26-04-2013 12:22:30 PM
    I'd turn on some logs on Cisco router to see whats the issue.
    Also, if you dont see anything in the packet trace then no other VXML and TCL application is trying to get the TTS resource (otherwise you would see 'their' SIP INVITE atleast)

    Also, if you dont see the SIP INVITE of the current TTS request also, then probably its nothing to do with the Nuance Server or the licenses, since the request is not even reaching the Nuance server. Its something to do with the MRCP client on Cisco. Its not sending the request out and giving an error - turning on logs may help.