is it possible that  integrate UCCX 8.5 with salesforce ?

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    Created by: yongxin chen on 14-11-2012 01:31:44 AM
    Dear, is it possible that integrate UCCX8.5 with Salesforce ? Now Salesforce has some integrated conditions:
     1 CTI system must support middleware of standard COM components
    2 the COM components must support C++ COM Event Sink
    3.COM component must be able to provide users in the CTI integrated process requires the CTI passed to the application of various information parameter. ( such as recording file address, CTI telephone recording ID, IVR parameters and other information) - according to customers requirements.
     4.COM component can be initialized in silence by a caller interface , as required in the interface case can be active to initialize COM component cannot be realized CTI integration.

    Subject: RE: New Message from yongxin chen in Unified Contact Center Express CTI (UC
    Replied by: David Lender on 14-11-2012 09:03:48 AM
    UCCX CTI protocol is a TCP/IP socket message based protocol.  It does not support COM components.

    Subject: RE: is it possible that  integrate UCCX 8.5 with salesforce ?
    Replied by: yongxin chen on 14-11-2012 08:43:05 PM
    Thank you David.