Parameter values for CUNI Subscribe

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    Created by: Loyd Vest on 18-10-2012 10:43:55 AM
    I'm attempting to use the CUNI SOAP web service to subscribe to CUC to receive message notification events. I'm finding it very hard to determine what values should be passed in the Subscribe call. Specifically:
    resourceType  type="xsd:string" - What is an acceptable Resource Type (e.g. User, Folder, etc....). Where do I find ths list of resource types that can be sent.
    eventTypeList type="tns:ArrayOfString"  - I'm assuming this is a list of the ShortEventTypeEnum values (i.e. All_Events) 

      resourceIdList type="tns:ArrayOfString" - I'm assuming that this is the list of user alias that I want to subscribe for (e.g. operator, user1, etc...)  

     callbackServiceInfo type="ns1:CallbackServiceInfo" - I understand this one.  

     expiration" type="xsd:dateTime" - I understand this one as well.

      keepAliveInterval type="xsd:int" - I understand that this is an integer value that is used for the Keep Alive, but exactly how does the keep alive work? What is an acceptable value? Is it in seconds or milliseconds? 

    I've mentioned this before on other postings, but this is the kind of information that should be in the programmers guide.  Please get back to me as soon as possible.