CUIC - Report Footers / Summary showing cumulative data

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    Created by: Kieran Byng on 04-10-2012 10:50:49 AM
    When running historical reports the group summary / footer calculation shows the total for that interval (and each interval after that)  
    What formula should I be using if I wanted to show the total/SUM of all preceeding intervals at each group summary footer.
    So I can show at each point during that day what the total calls offered (for example) were at that point?   I tried using 'SUM(${Offered})' as a custom footer formula but again this is only showing the total of the calls offered in that interval.
    Does anybody know a way of doing this?    
    Also does anybody know how to (what I should) tweak the SQL query of the historical reports if I just wanted to bring back totals for the day (and not show any intervals?)