SQL Update message returns '4052'

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    Replied by: David Staudt on 27-09-2012 03:29:47 PM
    Can you provide the full AXL response and the AXL service logs?

    The routepartition field in numplan has a number of constraints on its
    value (see the data dictionary), which I suppose could apply.

    The query itself is very generic, and does not test for null results
    from its sub queries.  My suspicion would be that some particular
    constraint is cropping up that the code is not anticipating...
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    Created by: Martin Sloan on 27-09-2012 10:39:08 AM
    I'm using a sql update statement to change the partition of some directory numbers in our CUCM 8.6.2 system and receive a return message of 4052 when running the statement and the partition is not updated.  Does anyone know what this message means?  Here's the satement:
    run sql update numplan set fkroutepartition = (select pkid from routepartition where name = "NEW_PT") where fkroutepartition = (select pkid from routepartition where name = "OLD_PT")
    I double checked to make sure the PT names are correct.

    Subject: RE: SQL Update message returns '4052'
    Replied by: Martin Sloan on 27-09-2012 05:59:42 PM
    Thanks for the reply David.  I'll post the AXL response and logs when I get back into the office, hopefully tomorrow.  I do know there are DN's in the numplan table that the sub queries would apply to and checked them seperately to confirm.  I created this quick 'PT flip' program to help move DN's assigned to VG224 ports since you can't get to them through BAT (not that I've been able to find anyway).  It will only be run when we're ready to move a couple hundred DN's at a time.  The crazy thing is that I tested this thouroughly in the lab and it still works there with the same software version!

    Subject: RE: SQL Update message returns '4052'
    Replied by: Martin Sloan on 09-10-2012 07:06:25 AM
    Hi David,
    So it was actually an easy fix after I pulled the AXL traces to post here....  The update was creating a duplicate DN/PT combination and so it was failing.  I'm checking each number now instead of a bulk update to avoid this.  For testing, I had been executing the update from the CLI when I got focused on finding out what the 4052 message meant, I should have just gone back to the AXL traces since it provides a more detailed description along with the error code.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Replied by: Matt Bolton on 09-10-2012 07:12:12 AM
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