Cisco EnergyWise Toolkit 1.2.8 BETA is Available!

Document created by cdnadmin on Jan 25, 2014
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Created by: John Parello on 28-08-2012 10:00:10 PM
We have a BETA release of the EnergyWise 1.2.8 toolkit available for 32 bit Linux and Windows!
In this release we are providing an updated toolkit, JNI mappings, and new WebSDK with examples. The WebSDK contains a Java based DB
connection class and SQL interface along with examples for Web Services  development.
The Beta  release is available as two (2) compressed tar files in the Download section of the Cisco EnergyWise area of CDN.
If you download the Beta release we ask that you please try the libraries out and provide feedback in EnergyWise Labs forum.
The steps to use the library are:
$  tar xvzf Cisco-EnergyWise-Toolkit-1.2.8-Beta-part1.tar.tgz
$  tar xvzf Cisco-EnergyWise-Toolkit-1.2.8-Beta-part2.tar.tgz
We will be posting the new version of the partner documentation and guides along with release notes as we prepare for the GA release of the toolkit.
We don't expect much to materially change  so we suggest using this version for your development now so you can be assured to be prepared for the new release.
We will be using the Forums to support this Beta
Please post questions, comments, suggestions, etc to the forum and the team will respond ASAP.
thank you!
EW Team
* Please note we were refering to this release as 3.0 during prior previews and test. The official version number will be 1.2.8 while the prior GA release is version 1.2.0