Wrong SIP Date header value

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    Created by: Grant Bagdasarian on 28-08-2012 03:00:11 AM
    Where does the value set in the Date header of a SIP message come from?
    For some reason the time is always 2 hours behind.
    A call is either initiated by a TCL script(outgoing) or the call is received by a VXML script (incoming). In both cases the Date value is 2 hours behind.
    When receiving requests from our SIP provider there is no Date header present in the initial INVITE. When we send the 100 Trying back, that's when a Date header is added.

    Cisco 3925 IOS 15.2(3)T.
    These are my time settings:
    clock timezone GMT 1 0
    clock summer-time GMT recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 2:00
    ntp server
    Show clock does show the correct time.
    15:34:18.006 GMT Thu Aug 23 2012
    Anyone have an idea how to set the Date header to the correct time? I have no way of testing this with IPPhones since we only use these machines as a voice gateway. No CME or CM installed.
    Kind regards,

    Subject: RE: Wrong SIP Date header value
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 28-08-2012 05:32:50 AM
    Hi Grant,

    please contact Cisco TAC, there is nothing to do with TCL script for Date header.