SendDigits on a 7942 with CME does not work all the time

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    Created by: Francois Leclair on 23-08-2012 03:24:27 PM
    Hi team,
    I've built an XML application that dials into a 3rd party IVR application.  Once I place a call (Dial), I then use the "SendDigits" command to send additionnal digits once connected.  Randomly, the "senddigits" does not send any digit out.  We have checked on the IVR side and it does not receive any digits when it does not work.  However this works 100% of the time with a 7970.
    Both the 7970 and the 7942 work 100% when CUCM is used but with CME, the 7942 creates the above problem.
    I'm using CME 8.6 with load "7942 SCCP42.9-3-1-1S.loads" on the 7942.
    Would you have any suggestion as what could go wrong and where to look for troubleshooting further ?
    Many thanks in advance,