Time of Day Scripting

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    Created by: Kyle Rogers on 23-08-2012 08:13:06 PM
    The options for time of day time ranges are in 15 minute increments.  i need to open a queue at 7:55 AM.  Any idea how I could do that?

    Subject: RE: Time of Day Scripting
    Replied by: Jonathan Adams on 02-11-2012 11:48:07 AM
    You could set it to open at 8am and then parse the time (T.hour, T.min) and on the day's it's open, run an if() statement for this 5 minute window, then GoTo open if it matches. Or you could do the reverse, in a way - have a specific switch case for 7am-8am, and only allow it to go to Open if it's 7:55~7:59; otherwise go to Closed. Doing it that way might be better so you don't have to mess around with am/pm recognition manually. Not really any other way around it if they don't let you enter specific times.