Recording Jabber voice/softphone calls

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Created by: Matthew Madzia on 20-08-2012 10:06:41 AM
Does MediaSense currently support recording Jabber softphone voice calls? I checked the MediaSense 8.5.4 docs and couldn't find any mention. I understand that these calls cannot be recorded on the UCM via Built-in-Bridge technology. I was wondering if there has been any testing on using CUBE based session recording for Jabber calls?

Subject: RE: Recording Jabber voice/softphone calls
Replied by: David Lender on 21-08-2012 05:25:19 PM
Yes, Jabber call could be recorded from CUBE, assuming the call is g.711 or g.729
Jabber call could also be recorded from UCM, if the other party could do media forking.