Facebook private/direct messages are not captured

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    Created by: Rodrigo Covarrubias on 17-08-2012 02:08:22 PM
    In Facebook feed source, is it a normal behavior that direct mesages are not captured by the facebook feed source?.

    We are only retrieving public facebook posts and the customer is complaining about direct messages are not captured.

    Thanks in advance.

    Subject: RE: Facebook private/direct messages are not captured
    Replied by: Emmanuel Badoo on 20-08-2012 02:01:42 PM

    Currently, SocialMiner captures only posts and comments on the fan page wall. At the time we implemented Facebook capture in SocialMiner, direct messaging on Fan pages was not available. We will investigate how to access the direct message API and add this feature to our backlog so that we can make it available soon.

    Thanks for the note!