CUCM 8 CDROnDemand SOAP credentials

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Created by: Shivinder Singh on 16-08-2012 01:53:55 PM
I am writing a web application that will contact our Unified Call Manager's
web services and do reporting stuff - like received calls, missed calls, placed
calls etc., by extension. I understand there are 3rd party software that do this
already, but there is a requirement to start doing this inhouse. I am not a
network analyst/sysadmin by any means and am trying to figure my way out of this
huge product for its programming options.
What I have found so far in our environment is this :
- every user IP phone contacts a out-of-the-box Cisco web service in our
datacenter to display missed/received calls
- the web service is SOAP based
- the web service returns XML
- the web service asks for authentication before returning the WSDL
There is one help page that I have found that is
closely related to what I am doing:
I want to download the WSDL for the CDRonDemand web service, but am stuck at
the authentication part. The service will return WSDL only if I provide
credentials. Which credentials do I need to use here? The installation was done
by consultants, but I can get a list of usernames/passwords. But would like to
know which particular one applies here.