addPhoneReq for Vg224 port (CUCM 8.6.2)

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    Created by: Martin Sloan on 14-08-2012 04:12:22 PM
    I'm trying a shot at adding a Vg224 port w/ Line using the addPhone request.  When I send the message with the product set to "MGCP Station", the return message says that the ENUM for MGCP Station wasn't found in typeProduct.  I can locate MGCP Station in the typeProduct table (enum 120) so I'm thinking the addPhone just won't recognize that product and gives a canned response.  You CAN use the getPhone request with the Vg224 ports just fine, which is how I was building my addPhoneReq.
    On a side note, I ended up at addPhone because the axl schema doesn't seem to list the way to update a port using the updateVg224Req.  It has some info under the addVg224Req, but it's not exactly what I'm looking to do.
    If anyone has some experience adding Vg224 ports with AXL, I'd be grateful to have some pointers.  We have a couple hundred to add next month so I'm digging to get some automation in place.
    EDIT:  I'm reading through the 'Configuring VG224 Ports Using AXL' doc that's provided under the documentation link here.  It's for 5/6/7 but hopefully most of it will still apply.
    Second EDIT: I'm now able to get this to work using the addPhoneReq.  Although the getPhoneReq returns the product as "MGCP Station", the addPhoneReq expects "Cisco MGCP FXS Port".