What is Driver Wizard, and how is it different than DriverWorks?

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Created by: Ryan Erickson on 10-08-2012 10:41:42 AM
Cisco Smart+Connected Home solutions provides 2 ways for installers to create drivers for 3rd-party equipment, Driver Wizard, and DriverWorks:
Driver Wizard is a tool, built into ComposerPro, which is used to create simple drivers for A/V equipment, which use either IR or one-way RS-232 (Serial) connections.
As the name implies, Driver Wizard is a step-by-step wizard, which walks an installer through the processes of:
* Determining the device type (Proxy) of the device
* Capturing IR codes or entering serial codes
* Defining the Inputs and Outputs available on the device
* Defining macros using the above-defined codes to do things like: Power Control, Input Selection, etc.
The main limitations of Driver Wizard include:
* Can only create drivers for A/V devices: Devices like Security Panels, Lighting Control Systems, Thermostats, and any other non-AV equipment cannot be created in Driver Wizard.
* Can only create one-way drivers.  Driver Wizard drivers ignore any serial input from a device, and have no way to indicate state changes coming from a device.
* Can only create 'simple' drivers.  Driver Wizard can only create drivers which send static info.  If a device requires dynamic checksums, or other 'calculated' data, Driver Wizard may not be appropriate.
* Can only create IR/RS232 drivers.  If a device requires an IP (UDP/TCP), ZigBee, or HTTP connection, it must be a DriverWorks driver.
DriverWorks is not a wizard, but is an API, which allows installers / developers to create more sophisticated drivers for all types of devices, using nearly any protocol.
DriverWorks does not come with a wizard built into ComposerPro, but may be developed using Driver Editor 2.0, which provides an IDE for creating DriverWorks drivers.
For more information about Driver Wizard, consult the topic 'Driver Wizard' in ComposerPro's help (Help -> Index menu).
For a more thorough introduction to DriverWorks, see the 'What is DriverWorks' topic.