CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)

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    Created by: Nathan Luk on 07-08-2012 04:44:01 AM
    Hi all,
    Thought I'd do some giving back. Here are a number of webview reports I have migrated recently for some clients of mine. One thing I ran into with a lot of the reports available on here is that since they use anonymous blocks, you can no longer use the relative dates which makes them useless for recurring schedules. I got around this by implementing a custom collection for relative dates (which I've creatively named "Dates") and set the date range in the SQL based on the value of the custom collection which was a trick I found from another post in these forums. Haven't really tested it but I believe when you import the template it should also create the collection for you as well. Let me know if it doesn't. This isn't a full set of migrated reports but covers most of the ones I've come across which my clients have required.
    List of the migrated reports I have included in the zip are:
    peragt03_Agent Media Logout Status Report
    peragt04_Agent Task Detail Activity Report
    peragt05_Agent Task Detail Performance Report
    peragt06_Agent State Trace Detail By Events Report
    peragt20_Agent Real Time Report
    peragt21_Agent Task Summary Half Hour Report
    peragt22_Agent Task Summary Daily Report
    peragt23_Agent Performance Summary Half Hour Repor
    peragt24_Agent Performance Summary Daily Report
    peragt25_Agent Consolidated Half Hour Report
    peragt26_Agent Consolidated Daily Report
    peragt27_Agent Historical All Fields Report
    peragt28_Agent Real Time All Fields Report
    peragt30_Agent Not Ready Summary
    peragt31_Agent Not Ready Detail Report
    Agent Skill Group:
    agtskg03 - Agent Skill Group Logout Status
    agtskg04_Daily Agent Activity
    agtskg05_Agent Task Detail Performance
    agtskg06_Outbound Option Status Report
    agtskg07_Agent Skill Group Task Analysis Report
    agtskg10_Outbound Option Predictive and Progressiv
    agtskg11_Outbound Option Preview Task Detail Pefor
    agtskg12_Outbound Option Reservation Task Detail P
    agtskg21_Agent Skill Group Task Summary Half Hour
    agtskg22_Agent Skill Group Task Summary Daily
    agtskg23_Agent Skill Group Performance Summary HH
    agtskg24_Agent Skill Group Performance Summary Dai
    agtskg25_Agent Skill Group Consolidated Half Hour
    agtskg26_Agent Skill Group Consolidated Daily
    agtskg27_Agent Skill Group Historical All Fields Report
    agtskg28_Agent Skill Group Real Time All Fields Report
    agtskg30_IPCC Agent Skill Group Real Time Report
    Agent Team:
    agteam02_Agent Skill Group Status
    agteam03_Agent Logout Status By Team
    agteam04_Agent Task Detail Activity Report
    agteam05_Task Detail Performance Report By Team
    agteam20_Agent Team Real Time Report
    agteam21_Agent Team Task Summary Half Hour
    agteam22_Agent Team Task Summary Daily Report
    agteam23_Agent Team Performance Summary Half Hour
    agteam24_Agent Team Performance Summary Daily
    agteam25_Agent Team Consolidated Half Hour Report
    agteam26_Agent Team Consolidated Daily Report
    agteam27_Agent Team Historical All Fields
    agteam28_Agent Team Real Time All Fields Report
    agteam29_Agent Skill Group Assignment Real Time
    agteam32_Agent Team State Counts Real Time Report
    agteam34_In Out Task Duration Agent Detail Daily
    agteam35_In Out Task Duration Agent Detail Half Hr
    agteam36_In Out Task Durations Daily
    Call Type:
    caltyp01_Call Type Status Real Time
    caltyp05_Analysis of Calls Half Hour Report
    caltyp20_Call Type Real Time Report
    caltyp21_Call Type Half Hour Report
    caltyp22_Call Type Daily Report
    caltyp23_Call Type Historical All Fields
    caltyp24_Call Type Real Time All Fields
    caltyp31_Abandon Answer Distribution by Half Hour
    caltyp32_Abandon Answer Distribution Report
    caltyp33_Abandon Answer Cumulative Distribution HH
    caltyp34_Abandon Answer Cumulative Distribution
    caltyp35_VRU Calls Analysis Half Hour Report
    caltyp36_VRU Calls Analysis Daily Report
    Outbound Campaign Query Rule:
    camqry01_Call Counts Of Query Rule Within Campaign
    camqry02_Call Counts per Campaign Real Time Report
    camqry03_Valid Campaign Dialing Times Report
    camqry04_Valid Query Rule Dialing Times Report
    camqry05_Call Summary Count Of Query Rule Within C
    camqry06_Call Summary Count per Campaign Real Time
    camqry10_Call Counts of Query Rule Within Campaign
    camqry11_Summary of Call Counts per Campaign Half
    camqry12_Summary of Attempts per Campaign Half Hou
    camqry13_Summary of Attempts per Campaign Daily Re
    camqry14_Breakdown of Attempts per Campaign HH
    camqry15_Breakdown of attempts per Campaign Daily
    camqry16_Summary Attempts of QR Within Campaign HH
    camqry17_Summary Attempts of QR in Campaign Daily
    camqry18_Breakdown of attempts per Query Rule HH
    camqry19_Breakdown of attempts per QR Daily
    camqry20_Campaign Consolidated Half Hour Report
    camqry21_Campaign Consolidated Daily Report
    camqry22_Campaign Performance Detailed Half Hour
    camqry23_Campaign Performance Detailed Daily
    Outbound Dialers:
    dialer01_Dialer Real Time Report
    dialer10_Dialer Call Result Summary Half Hour
    dialer11_Dialer Capacity Half Hour Report
    dialer12_Dialer Capacity Daily Report
    dialpr01_Dialer Port Status Real Time
    Outbound Import Rules:
    imprul01_Import Status Real Time Report
    imprul10_Import Rule Report
    Peripheral Skill Group:
    perskg08_FTE for Skill Groups Half Hour
    perskg11_Outbound Option Stats by Skill Group
    perskg12_Outbound Call Detail Performance Half Hr
    perskg14_Outbound Rolling 5-min Skill Group Status
    perskg20_Skill Group Status Real Time
    perskg21_Skill Group Summary Half Hour
    perskg22_Skill Group Summary Daily
    perskg23_Skill Group Performance Summary Half Hour
    perskg24_Skill Group Performance Summary Daily
    perskg27_Skill Group Daily All Fields
    perskg27_Skill Group Half Hour All Fields
    perskg28_Skill Group Real Time All Fields Report
    perskg29_Skill Group Agents Not Logged In Realtime
    perskg30_Skill Group Status Real Time Report
    perskg35_Skill Group Consolidated Half Hour
    perskg36_Skill Group Consolidated Daily Report
    Trunk Group:
    trkgrp03_Trunk Group Status Real Time Report
    trkgrp04_Trunks Real Time All Fields
    trkgrp11_Trunk Group Performance Half Hour Report
    trkgrp12_Trunks Half Hour All Fields
    trkgrp22_IVR Ports Status Real Time Report
    trkgrp23_IVR Ports Performance Half Hour Report

    Nathan Luk

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Isidro Fernandez on 15-08-2012 09:36:08 AM
    A Million thanks Nathan! Your reports are the only ones I've seen showing the totals per agent and in addition the relative time feature is just great. You saved us a lot of work and pain with our Webview migration.
    Thanks again!

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: mike rainville on 05-09-2012 07:07:02 AM
    This looks like exactly what i need, however I past the code into the reports defenition and i'm able to create the parameters but i'm getting an error, not letting me create the fields. what am i doing wrong? thansk Mike

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Nathan Luk on 06-09-2012 06:30:17 AM
    Hi Mike,

    You shouldn't need to create them from definitions. You should just be able to import the report by going to the reports tab, clicking Import Report and just selecting the relevant zip of the report you want to import.


    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Matthew Page on 04-02-2013 04:32:55 AM
    Can you upload the ZIP file again? It is not downloadable any more.

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 04-02-2013 09:20:26 AM
    Matthew Page:
    Can you upload the ZIP file again? It is not downloadable any more.

    Have you tried downloading it off this website. I beleive Cisco has posted the RD here. check under documentation section of this portal.

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Carmen Logue on 04-02-2013 03:23:33 PM
    Hi -- When they redid the user experience with developer site, I had to move Nathan's zip file but it is still posted here:
    It is under the top category labeled "ReportXML - CUIC 85 Migrated WebView"

    Subject: RE: CUIC 8.5 Migrated Webview Reports (Including Outbound Option)
    Replied by: Diwakar Dhanasami on 16-09-2013 11:58:28 AM
    I've imported the Report. The Collection "Dates" is also created. However when i run the report i can still get the report for just for that day. Am i missing anything?