CUCM 9.0 AXL Notification, dont sends notification

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    Created by: HOLGER SIMON on 03-08-2012 04:23:18 AM
    I have installed the from a scratch.
    I have tried again the testing ofthe notification functionality, for me this is still not working. I did the following:
    1. created a phone,
    2. send axl:doNotificationRegister (notification host)
    3. send axl:doNotificationObject (phone, subscribe)
    4. changed something on the phone via cucm gui

    But I cannot see any notification from the cucm on the notification host(with tcpdump), from which the ip was mentioned in the axl:doNotificationRegister Request.
    The cucm can ping the notification host, so this cannot be a network problem.
    The cucm knows about the change I made, I can request these changes either with:
    1. axl:executesqlquery   select * from axldbchangequeue
         <ns:executeSQLQueryResponse xmlns:ns="">
    2. Or with axl:getNotificationChange: the response is
          <ns:getNotificationChangesResponse xmlns:ns="">

    As you wrote, I would expect when I make a change an cucm gui, I would get a change notification packet on the notification host, or am I wrong with that ?
    Can you support me with that ?
    Kind regards,
    Holger Simon