No totals per agent on any CUIC report

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    Created by: Isidro Fernandez on 02-08-2012 05:50:48 AM
    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to get agent22:
    Agent Task Summary Daily on CUIC. We have obtained several Webview templates
    for CUIC from this portal,
    including “<a target="_self">Agent Historical All Fields Daily</a>” which
    imitates pretty much agent22 with the difference that doesn’t give you the
    total task handled per agent, just the total for each skillgroup of an
    individual agent and for all the agents you are querying against. The
    screenshots will give you a good idea on what I’m referring to.
    I looked through the discussion and nobody seems to have complained about this, which sounds strange to me. Every supervisor at my company uses these totals per agent to valuate their performance. 
    Any inputs are welcome, I haven't got Premium license so I cannot modify definitions myself.
    Best regards