Using 'addMediaResourceGroup' w/ multiple devices

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    Created by: Martin Sloan on 26-07-2012 09:20:01 PM
    I'm trying to add a media resource group with multiple devices (1 transcoder, 1 conf bridge and 1 MTP) but it only ever takes one of the devices I list and seems to ignore the others.  I'm not sure if it's the structure of my message or just a quirk of the method.  I actually run into this issue often with other 'add' calls and just use the 'update' afterward to insert whatever I need.  I'm on CUCM 8.5.1, using PHP for the Soap calls.  My code is below and I've tried to move things around a bit with coding the 'members'=>array(.... for each device then just the 'member'=>(array.... for each and finally just 'deviceName'=>'actualDevice'
        $response = $soapConnection->addMediaResourceGroup(array('mediaResourceGroup'=>array('name'=>"NameOfMRG",
                                                                                             'description'=>"This is my MRG",
    Any suggestions?