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    Created by: John Vosburg on 25-07-2012 11:53:27 AM
    I am building a portal for setting notification devices in Unity Connection via CUPI and have a couple questions:
    1.       I can create SMTP and Pager devices with no problem via the API but when I query the API to get a list of devices the "type" field is empty.  Is there a workaround for this?

    2.       The Device Name defaults to 'Other' in Unity Connection if I don’t pass in a value to the API.
    ·       If I pass in Device Name set to SMTP or PAGER the device cannot be deleted. Even when I pass the 'Undeletable' field set to false.
    Should I only be creating devices with DeviceName = ‘Other’?
    note: The Display Name can be set to any text. Display Name is what the user will enter and see on their device list . They don’t see Device Name.
    3.       When I create a device, some of the additional data appears to be saved in Unity Connection but I do not see all of the data when I query  the API.
    ·       Pager: The fields “PhoneNumber” and “AfterDialDigits” are empty when I query the API
    ·       SMTP: The field “SmtpAddress” is empty when I query the API
    ·       Note: I am using the following API call to get the list of devices for a user: /vmrest/users/<UserObjectId>/notificationdevices

    Subject: RE: Notification Devices
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 25-07-2012 12:31:45 PM
    1.The type field should not be empty – it should have a number (1 through 8) – I suspect you’re seeing the type empty because of #2.

    2.You should not be passing in the device name – “Other” is always the name for all added notification devices – if you add a device via the SA, regardless of type, the name is _always_ “other” and the type will be 1, 2, 4 or 5 (or 8 in CUC 9.0) – the SMTP, Work Phone, Mobile Phone etc… are the built in notification devices created for all users that are present for everyone – these are also the ones available via the TUI interface for enable/disable purposes (i.e. the conversation needs to know they’re there). 

    3.You should pass in the type as appropriate (1 for phone devices, 2 for pager, 4 for SMTP and so on) – these will have different data associated with them – not sure if you’re talking about these conflicting objects you’re creating or the base objects.

    It really shouldn’t let you pass the device name frankly – but to be fair the database stored procs allow this as well (they have to as the install scripts go this route for creating those base devices) – but doing some quick testing here I’m getting the appropriate data base for each device type.  If after cleaning up your system (I’d recommend deleting those added devices and/or users and starting clean) let me know and I can check it – also need to know exactly what version of Connection you’re working against (I’m testing against 8.6.2).

    Subject: RE: Notification Devices
    Replied by: John Vosburg on 25-07-2012 05:59:08 PM
    Thanks for the feedback.  We are running 8.6.2 also.  I'll let you know how it goes.