fnesse API call transfer

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    Created by: Bruno Silva on 25-07-2012 05:34:46 AM
    Hello, we are buildilg our own cti web desktop interacting with finesse 8,5. we are not understanding the process for call transfers. Is it possible to provide us with the detailed steps/methods to make the call transfers?
    thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: fnesse API call transfer
    Replied by: David Lender on 25-07-2012 01:18:56 PM
    The API call is Take Action on A Participant within a Dialog  is http://<server>/finesse/api/Dialog/<id>

    With the requestedAction = “TRANSFER”

    The action must have been available for the agent’s Participant of the Dialog which means there is both a held and active call.

    A consult call will place the original call on hold

    The held call would be the inbound customer call and the active call is a call created using the requestedAction=”CONSULT”

    Attached is a message flow for a consult and transfer  Agent 1001001 receives a call (from 1001003), answers dialog , places a consult call to 1001002 and then  (after 1001002 answers the call), Agent 1001001 transfers the call.

    To place a consult call use:



    <Dialog> <targetMediaAddress>1001001</targetMediaAddress><toAddress>1001002</toAddress><requestedAction>CONSULT_CALL</requestedAction></Dialog>

    To transfer the held call to the consult call use:


    <Dialog> <targetMediaAddress>1001001</targetMediaAddress><requestedAction>TRANSFER</requestedAction></Dialog>