CUIC Version 8.5(3) and Internet Explorer 9

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    Created by: Larissa Dassow on 19-07-2012 03:16:12 PM
    We are running CUIC Version 8.5(3) and Internet Explorer 9 and are unable to save reports.  Has anyone else run into this?  I know IE 9 is not listed as a supported browser for this version but I am wondering if anyone has a solution for this?

    Subject: RE: CUIC Version 8.5(3) and Internet Explorer 9
    Replied by: RAMON BASSONS on 19-09-2012 06:45:50 AM
    Hi, Larissa

    The only browser we did not have any problem is the US version from Firefox v.3.6.28. You also have to remember to disable the Automatic Updates... The rest of the browsers will lose the right-click contextual menu in the worst moment, or it will not allow you to save your changes.

    It is frustrating because this version of firefox is already not supported and the customers usually let their politics on upgrades on IT departments that do not understand the need to downgrade an installed software. And they don't want.