Extract CUCM Data - Best Practise

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    Created by: Enda McManemy on 12-07-2012 11:34:33 AM
    I am looking at extracting large amounts of data (e.g. All Users and their devices) from the CUCM Database at fixed intervals (e.g. Once Per Week).
    I am aware of a limitation to the size of the payload on AXL responses therefore rather than using AXL Requests to extract this data in blocks, it would be ideal if I could extract the data in one of the following mechanisms or similar.

    1. Get a backup of the underlying CUCM Database that will allow us to query the data offline.

    2. Get an automated dump of the requested Data.       

    3. Worst case – Query the Database directly through a CLI rather than SQL queries via AXL request.
    4. Alternative recommended approach by Cisco
    I am open to best practise suggestions that will allow me to query CUCM for the Data and limit the impact this will have on the CUCM node(s).