Trend Analysis report for total no of inbound calls

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Created by: Rajesh CK on 12-07-2012 07:00:38 AM
Hello Group
Another Newbie question,
I'm looking for a trend analysis or average peak number of offered calls per hour for an specified time period, for example 6 months. which effectively give me the peak hours for the specific time period in the call center. client needs this in the form of graph or bar charts. I tried to edit "Call Type Historical all Fields" report, i am getting per day peak calls, but i am not sure how to take the average for 6 months
Please advise me if there is some stock report to do the same, or please let me know how can i achieve this
Thank you in advance

Subject: RE: Trend Analysis report for total no of inbound calls
Replied by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 19-07-2012 10:42:23 AM
do you mind sharing your report? need to see the query to suggest options. Also did you try to use the group by in your SQL?