9971 logout issue

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    Created by: Surbhi Kaushik on 09-07-2012 07:49:36 PM
    I'm trying to fix the logout issue on 9971 ipphones and as the document suggested have used following URI's
    to close the XSI application, but it doesn't seem to work
     <ExecuteItem URL="Init:Services"/>
     <ExecuteItem URL="App:Close"/>
    The IPICS application keeps running even after I call this.

    Subject: RE: 9971 logout issue
    Replied by: Adrienne Moherek on 11-07-2012 03:58:34 PM
    Hi Surbhi,

    Please make sure the 9971 is using the latest firmware, and let me know if your application still will not close.


    Subject: RE: 9971 logout issue
    Replied by: Surbhi Kaushik on 30-07-2012 06:47:26 PM
    Thanks, it works