Update CallForwardAll Destination in table callforwarddynamic (CUCM 7.1.5)

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    Created by: Henning Schroeder on 03-07-2012 03:17:19 AM
    Hi guys,
    I'm having trouble doing an update on the table "callforwarddynamic". I'm aiming to update the Callforward All Destination of a specific Diretory Number by using the "executeSQLUpdate" command. I have already tried different approaches and kind of different syntax. I recently checked on the Informix 11.50 Language Reference and I'm pretty sure my syntax is correct. Still I'm getting the error "A Syntax Error has occured"...
    My Update Statement:
    <sql update="update callforwarddynamic set callforwarddynamic.cfadestination='1234' from callforwarddynamic, numplan where (callforwarddynamic.fknumplan=numplan.pkid and numplan.dnorpattern='49241123456')" />

    Result: ERROR: A syntax error has occurred.
    There's no difference wether i run the SQL via CLI or via AXL Service.

    Except of Informix Reference:
    When you use the FROM clause, you must include the name
    of the table in which the update is to be performed. Otherwise, an
    error results. The following example illustrates how you can use the
    UPDATE statement with a FROM clause:

    UPDATE t SET a = t2.a FROM t, t2 WHERE t.b = t2.b;

    The statement performs the same action as it does when you omit the FROM
    clause altogether. You are allowed to specify more than one table
    in the FROM clause of the UPDATE statement. However, if you specify
    only one table, it must be the target table.

    Is there anyone of you, who maybe has the same problem or can give me a hint what I'm doing wrong?!

    Thanks in advance & regards,