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    Created by: Ranees BP on 26-06-2012 08:31:54 AM
    Dear Developers,
    We have here CUCE 8.2, 8.5 , IP communicator,  and we have
    a customized software for calling department, in a KIOSKS device with attached
    speaker with microphone at our basement floor.  We need to get connected in
    to cisco ip telephone network by using some API or ActiveX Control, this
    software is developed in VB.Net 2010. This computer device is especially
    developed for this purpose. Can you help me to connect our application with
    above mentioned CUCE/IP communicator, is there any way to use IP Communicator
    functions with .net, I only needs to call / dial to the specific number inside
    the Cisco network. I saw something with CTIOS, the problem we don’t have any
    CTIOS server / Client program.  Please let me know other than the CTIOS
    Please this is very important. I will greatly appreciate you if
    you can help me.

    Subject: RE: API / ActiveX
    Replied by: David Staudt on 11-09-2012 01:28:39 PM
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