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    Created by: Ranees BP on 20-06-2012 09:17:53 AM
    Dear All,
       Thank in advance,
       I am developing an application on Vb.Net platform. this application has an option to dial number from the database. we are using Cisco telephone, I'll appriciate you If anybody can help to meet the requirement. I am wondering last few days to find  solution. I don't know How can I achieve it. please send me sample code or any documents to do the same.
      I am so tired because of searching solution. please help me.

    Subject: RE: VB.Net code needed
    Replied by: David Staudt on 11-09-2012 01:12:05 PM
    If you're just concerned with the dialing part, there are several APIs available to do this (ordered approximately by complexity
    Webdialer - http://developer.cisco.com/web/webdialer/home
    IP Phone Services (Dial:xxx URI) - http://developer.cisco.com/web/ipps/home
    TAPI/JTAPI - http://developer.cisco.com/web/tapi/home or http://developer.cisco.com/web/jtapi/home
    Webdialer has SOAP-based API, which should be quite suitable for VB.net development.

    Subject: RE: VB.Net code needed
    Replied by: Robert Rittenhouse on 17-10-2012 12:54:22 AM
    I made a speed dial app that our employees use to store/read/modify contact telephone numbers in an sql database. You can find a contact and dial that number basically.

    I used webdialer and it was pretttty simple for the most part. I had to make sure to use this block of code because of https and me not having a cert on the cucm:

    Public Class MyPolicy
        Implements ICertificatePolicy

        Public Function CheckValidationResult(ByVal srvPoint As ServicePoint, _
                      ByVal cert As X509Certificate, ByVal request As WebRequest, _
                      ByVal certificateProblem As Integer) _
                  As Boolean Implements ICertificatePolicy.CheckValidationResult
            'Return True to force the certificate to be accepted.
            Return True
        End Function

    Also some more code that makes the magic happen:

        Public Function MakeCall(ByVal extToDial As String) As String

            Dim wd As New wdialer.WebdialerSoap
            Dim crd As New wdialer.Credential
            Dim uf As New wdialer.UserProfile
            Dim eUser As String
            Dim ePass As String
            Dim ueUser As String
            Dim uePass As String
            Dim eExt As String
            Dim ePhoneName As String
            Dim ueExt As String
            Dim uePhoneName As String

            Dim ioFile As New StreamReader("creds.cfg")

            eUser = ioFile.ReadLine()
            ePass = ioFile.ReadLine()
            eExt = ioFile.ReadLine()
            ePhoneName = ioFile.ReadLine()

            ueUser = StringEncryption.SimpleEncrypt(eUser)
            uePass = StringEncryption.SimpleEncrypt(ePass)
            ueExt = StringEncryption.SimpleEncrypt(eExt)
            uePhoneName = StringEncryption.SimpleEncrypt(ePhoneName)

            crd.userID = ueUser
            crd.password = uePass
            uf.lineNumber = ueExt
            uf.deviceName = uePhoneName
            uf.user = ueUser
            uf.locale = "English"
            System.Net.ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy = New MyPolicy()

            wd.makeCallSoap(crd, extToDial, uf)

            Return True
        End Function

    The code isn't too pretty as I have never went back and cleaned it up much. I just keep adding on top of this functionality and it works just fine.

    Given the time tomorrow (its 2am eastern) I will strip down the app to its roots and send it to you if you still need it. Some of the stuff that I have above (the creds.cfg stuff and the string encryption things can be done in better ways and are not required. I just didnt want to save their passwords locally in a file in plaintext.

    I hope this helps at least in some small way.