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Document created by cdnadmin on Jan 25, 2014
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Created by: ED VILLARREAL on 12-06-2012 04:53:33 PM
I installed  UCCX 9.0 and tested the CUIC functionality.  I have the following comments regarding the UCCX version of CUIC:

    -Security is lacking when compared to CUIC for UCCE.  There is no folder or report level security.  If you create a report, everyone who has access to CUIC can view the report.  There are no restrictions.
    -All the report templates use absolute date ranges.  This will render the scheduling feature useless.  The templates would need to have a relative date range to make the scheduling useful.
    -There is no Report Definition drawer visible to report designers.  This makes it impossible to create new reports.  Is there going to be a "premium" version which allows users to create their own reports?  I found a work around by configuring the UCCX database as a data source in a UCCE CUIC instance, creating a report, exporting it, then importing it into the UCCX CUIC version.
    -There are no real-time reports.  From what I understand this will come in a later realese.