How to Set the Raid Controller Policy

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    Created by: Brett Tiller on 25-04-2012 03:04:32 PM
    Posted on Behalf of Columbia Sportswear
    I logged into CIMC on the UCSE module and I noted that the RAID1 is set up for ‘Write Through’ write cache policy. It’s not obvious to me how to change this value to ‘Write Back’, which is what I need for optimal IO performance. Doesn’t look like it appears as an option in Modify RAID Configuration. Any ideas? Also, what is the ESXi logon user and password? I’m assuming ‘root’ for the username?

    Subject: RE: How to Set the Raid Controller Policy
    Replied by: Nithya Natesan on 25-04-2012 03:17:46 PM

    Disk write back policy is not supported because it requires a battery backup unit which is not present for our hardware.