ESXi cannot communicate with the ISR

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Created by: Ken Coley on 03-04-2012 08:41:25 PM
I started with an ISR that had SRE modules up and running and my application fully functional.  I removed
the SRE modules, installed the IOS upgrade, and installed the UCSE 140D module.  The router can see the module, and I was able to use the commands:
interface ucse2/0
ip address
service-module ip address 
service-module ip default-gateway 
imc ip address default-gateway 
imc access-port dedicated !
interface ucse2/1
Internal switch interface connected to Service Module  no
ip address !
interface Vlan1
 no ip address
I was then able to install ESXi via a CDROM drive connected to the USB ports on the UCSE.  Once, configured ESXi could ping the router, but nothing beyond it.  IOS can not ping ESXi and vSphere Client can not access it.  Most of the older SRE commands are not working.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Subject: RE: ESXi cannot communicate with the ISR
Replied by: Manuka Jayakody on 04-04-2012 02:42:20 PM
Hi Ken,

What interface are you going to use to connect to esxi? when you install esxi you would see 4 interfaces under Configure Management Network ->network adapters. vmnic 0 and 1 are internal interfaces that connects to the router and vmnic 2 and 3 are external front panel interfaces which is marked as GE2 and GE3. You could use any of those interfaces to connect to your esxi host from your client machine via vSphere Client. but if you use vmnic 0 or 1, you would need additional configuration on the router since it is going through the router. but if you use vmnic 2 or 3 it is rather straight forward.

In your other post, i see you are trying to get the CIMC up and running. To Connect to cimc you can use internal or external interfaces under shared-lom mode or dedicated interface (marked as "M" on faceplate) under dedicate mode. The given configuration in the reply uses internal interface (imc access-port host console). For more information please refer "Configuring CIMC access" section of the "Installation and Configuration Guide" which is posted on knowledge Base.

Subject: RE: ESXi cannot communicate with the ISR
Replied by: Ken Coley on 04-04-2012 06:04:16 PM
Thanks, its up and running now.