ESXi Licensing Issue - vCenter

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Created by: Brett Tiller on 23-04-2012 02:30:50 PM
Posted on behalf of Cody - Monsanto
In our testing I loaded ESXi onto UCSE with no issues.  When I connect to the host running on UCSE, as expected I receive an alert about how many days I have left on my evaluation license.  However when we attempt to manage the device via VCenter we are receiving an error.   (Image 1)    I have checked through the release notes as well as the other documentation and not found any reference to this issue.  Do we need to load a different license on the host running on the UCSE to make this work properly or is there another procedure that we need to follow?  Thanks.


Subject: RE: ESXi Licensing Issue - vCenter
Replied by: Ken Coley on 23-04-2012 03:47:55 PM
I have been here before.  When you installed ESXi on the UCSE, was the system clock set correctly on the router and module?  In my case, it was set to some very old time because my router has no internal hardware clock, and I did not have NTP client setup in IOS.


Subject: RE: ESXi Licensing Issue - vCenter
Replied by: Brett Tiller on 23-04-2012 04:59:28 PM
Hi Cody,

We'd also like you to confirm that you are using the correct version of vCenter which should be release 5.0.  If so, please check that your clock is correct as specified by Ken and that your vCenter license is not expired.



Subject: RE: ESXi Licensing Issue - vCenter
Replied by: Cody Cook on 25-04-2012 08:49:08 AM
I had the time correct on the router and was in sync with vCenter.  However on the UCSE, the time was off.  When I was setting everything up, I didn't think to check the time on the BIOS of teh UCSE module, I guess I assumed it would take its clock from the router.  Lesson learned.  Once all three clocks were in sync, we were able to add the host to vCenter. 

Thanks for the help.