Does UCCX support connecting the media of two calls together (hairpin)

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    Created by: Shameer Abdul Rasheed on 07-06-2012 06:43:29 AM
    We have a requirement to port one existing applicaiton running on another platform (CUAE) to UCCX. One of the functionality required by the applicaiton is to dial out to two parties A and B and then connect them together. This connection needs to be broken at a later stage and the application would be required to play some prompt on connection B. Is this possible using UCCX?
    The detailed steps are mentioned below:
    1) Applicaiton dials out to A
    2) A answers the call, the call between applicaiton and A is now connected
    3) Applicaiton dials out to B
    4) B answers the call, the call between applicaiton and B is now connected.
    5) Connect the media of call A and call B toghether, so that A and B should be able to talk to each other - This is the question asked above.
    6) Disconnect the media between call A and call B.
    7) Play voice message on call B
    8) Dial out another call to C, and connect the media of call A and call C together...and so on
    In CUAE, we used conference ports provided by CUAE Media Engine to connect the calls A and B together. Join / Leave conference methods facilitated adding and removing call legs to and from the conference. Is there any similar feature available in UCCX? Or, is there an alternate method to acheive the above functionality in UCCX?