Reports Needed for CUIC

Document created by cdnadmin on Jan 24, 2014
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Created by: Larissa Dassow on 04-06-2012 03:29:21 PM
We have the Standard version of CUIC, I was hoping someone with the Premium version of CUIC could convert these reports for me.
Agent03:  Agent Media Logout Status (By Agent)
Agent22:  Agent Task Summary - Daily
Agent24:  Agent Performance Summary Daily Report (By Agent)
Agent30:  Agent Not Ready Summary
Agent31:   Agent Not Ready Detail
agteam05: Agent Task Detail Performance (By Team)
agtskg04: Agent Task Detail Activity
caltyp21: Call Type Half Hour
caltyp22:  Call Type Daily
caltyp34: Call Type Abandon/Answer Cumulative Distribution
The report names listed above are the old WebView report names.