UCCX8.5 connectivity issue using C++ Based CIL

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    Created by: Kashif Surhio on 25-05-2012 11:25:37 AM
    We have a custom CTI created with C++ Based CIL. The DLL was working ok
    with UCC6.0 on port number 42027 but with UCCX8.5 we am getting socket
    error(10038 ErroMsg: Socket operation on nonsocket.) while
    sending KeepAlive message/HeartBeat request. I had changed different
    ports including 42028 that was found in ICM8.5 Ports utilization guide, 12028 found by tracing packets of CAD using wireshark
    but no success.
    Can any one help me to find the solution. I am assuming that it is happening due to wrong port number. And
    yes, my application is able to connect the socket on port number 42028, 12028, 59000 and other ports I found using netstat command after I successfully logged
    in using CAD Desktop Application.
    Your early response will help me a lot.
    Kashif Surhio

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    Replied by: David Lender on 25-05-2012 01:19:26 PM
    You said you are using  the C++ CIL is this for CTIOS? Or for UCCX CTI?  This forum is for UCCX CTI  *not* UCCE/ICM and CTIOS.

    If this is for UCCX, Check the  MIVR log from your UCCX 8.5 system showing the connection attempt.  Information on obtaining logs is in the UCCX CTI Protocol guide.

    From the UCCX CTI protocol guide section on Managing Sessions:

    The TCP port number is specified in the System Parameters web page in the UCCX Administration. The field is RmCm TCP Port*.

    Be sure to connect on the port number defined in the UCCX Administration.

    If your question is regarding CTIOS then please post your question in the CTIOS Forums here


    Subject: RE: UCCX8.5 connectivity issue using C++ Based CIL
    Replied by: Kashif Surhio on 26-05-2012 02:06:34 AM
    Dear David Lender

    Thanks for your reply and support, as you asked we are working on UCCX 8.5 CTI , will check the MIVR logs as well and will share with you.


    Kashif Surhio