ErrorLogs in CVP Reporting Server

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    Created by: SenthilKumar Sankar on 24-05-2012 05:09:16 AM
    Hi Members,
    We have the CVP Reporting Server and i could see lot of error logs
    executeBatch() -- error in the batch SQL: INSERT INTO Call (CallGUID,
    UUI, StartDateTime, DNIS, ANI, Iidigits, CallTypeID, SubsystemTypeID,
    LocalTimeZoneOffset, CallStartDate) Values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
    code:-271 SQL state: IX000.
    Also the CALL Table is empty.
    Could someone let me know from where i can start checking this

    Subject: RE: ErrorLogs in CVP Reporting Server
    Replied by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 19-06-2012 10:49:50 AM
    can you configure ODBC from your laptop to reporting server and make sure that the passwords are working correctly? Are you able to pull any reports from the CVP db?