Having problems in making the Sample ScreenPop gadget to work in 8.5(3)

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    Created by: Ashok Rangarajan on 23-05-2012 01:31:53 AM
    I am new to Gadget Development and this is my first day working on Cisco Finesse.  I apologize, if this is simple basic quesiton.

    I have downloaded the Sample ScreenPop gadget provided under the Documentation Link.  We have Cisco Finesse v8.5(3).  I am trying to make the sample ScreenPop gadget to work in our env.  I have hosted the downloaded screen pop gadget under Tomcat Server v5.0.28 and changed the Finesse Layout xml to plugin the ScreenPop gadget. 

    When launching the desktop the ScreenPop gadget shown correctly.  However when I take inbound call, the screen pop is not occuring.

    I also tried SampleGadget_Final which is bundled with the finesse-javascript-library-0.3-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip.  When I launch the desktop, the gadget displays the user info like first name, last name, extension etc correctly.  However, when I take inbound call, the screen pop is not occuring.

    I have copied the Finesse.js and jquery-1.5.min.js in the same folder where I have the sample gadgets.
    According to the documentation, Clients are automatically subscribed to receive the User & Dialogs Notification Feeds for the same user.  However, it looks like to me that I am not getting the Dialog notification feeds.

    I have reviwed the Tomcat and Desktop logs and didn't see anything suspicious.  I checked using CLI that the Notification Service and it is up and running.
    I checked navigating to the http://<IP ADDRESS>:7071/index.html and showing the "Openfire HTTP Binding Service"
    Can anyone help me to point out what is that I am missing?

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    Replied by: David Lender on 23-05-2012 12:14:26 PM
    Do you have callvariable 3 (for SampleGadget_Final) assigned for the call ?  Using SampleGadget_Final, are you able to change agent state?  If so, can you place a call from the desktop to another agent?  When you do, do you see the Dialog frame of the SampleGadget_Final update with the call Id, etc?

    For the Sample ScreenPop Gadget,  does it display “Screen pop goes here”?  Do you have callvariable 1 defined?

    Subject: RE: Having problems in making the Sample ScreenPop gadget to work in 8.5(3)
    Replied by: David Lender on 26-07-2012 12:40:01 PM
    Which browser are you using?  The screenpop gadget was tested in Firefox 14  There was an issue with IE 9 that has been resolved and the screenpop gadget updated.  The issue is IE 9 does not instantiate the console object unless the developer tools are open.  This code was added to the screenpop gadget to handle the null console when developer tools are not open.

    if (!window.console) window.console = {};
    if (!window.console.log) window.console.log = function () { };