CUIC - Issues Distributing Dashboards via Permalink

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    Created by: Kieran Byng on 21-05-2012 12:14:00 PM
    We have been distributing CUIC dashboards using the permalink method without any issues until recently.
    Now when using the permalink to launch the dashboard some of the reports are returning this error message.
    'During last refresh interval - view could not refresh itself due to an error.
    CUIC Error.10014 undef'
    We're not aware of any background changes that could impact this.
    I'm of the understanding that you don't need to access CUIC to view the dashboards via permalink but this is the only time we're seeing this issue.
    The dashboards are ok when viewing them using CUIC itself.
    I've deleted the offending reports and recreated them in case they were corrupt but the same error message comes up again.
    This issue only seems to effect the reports if they are a graph or pie chart, the grid views don't seem to be effected.
    Has anyone else come up against this issue (and resolved it ;)) or have any ideas to help fix it?
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Subject: RE: CUIC - Issues Distributing Dashboards via Permalink
    Replied by: David Macias on 24-05-2012 12:49:39 PM
    I've seen this at times when the report is generating a lot of data or there's a network glitch.  Can you reproduce?