tcl on ASR IOSs?

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    Created by: LEON MCCALLA on 30-04-2012 03:35:44 PM
    ive been using TCL scripting on IOS for a number of years to controll voice calls. im considering getting of the new ASR series routers. does tcl scriping have the same effect on these other OS?

    Subject: RE: tcl on ASR IOSs?
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 30-04-2012 03:52:22 PM
    AFAIK Tcl IVR API does work on ASR. at least I know couple of companies have them on production line.
    And I have it worked once in lab env.
    Reading file from flash might have different format instead of falsh: might be "bootflash:" or "flash0:" or ....ect.
    You can check with Cisco SE also to confirm.