Phone model 7912 and UTF-8

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    Created by: Sergei Gorbunov on 23-04-2012 02:57:18 AM
    I have a phone model 7912 which is out of sale and support. I had a problem with displaying a russian language at this model. I had solved it by changing an output xml encoding from UTF-8 to windows-1251. But now i am run into another problem:
    1. I send an CiscoIPPhoneMenu object to phone
    2. Item in this menu contains a QueryStringParam with russian symbols. Example:

    3. User select this item and submit it.
    4. Server receive url with param: '&param27=??????'.

    I think i can solve this problem in two ways:
    1. Change phone encoding. But i dont find any way to do this.
    2. Try to apply URL encoding to QueryStringParam.
    Preferred method, of course, change phone encoding. Is this possible?

    Subject: RE: Phone model 7912 and UTF-8
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-04-2012 01:49:30 PM
    I sounds like you are looking for a Russian locale installer, such as here for UCM 7.1:
    If that doesn't correct the issue, then there is possibly a defect, and as an EOL device unfortunately you will need to explore a workaround to somehow encode/embed the extended character data